The baby boomer generation makes up nearly 20% of the American public.

So, why not tap into their wisdom, knowledge, and insights?

Our Mission

The mission of this website is to pass the wisdom, knowledge, and insights of boomer generation.
Some would argue that we have made some mistakes; and indeed like all previous generations we have made a few. However, we have great deal of value, wisdom, knowledge, and insights to share, as well.


Videos, interviews, articles, books and more from the leaders of the boomer generation and average main street boomers that have a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and insights to share with the world as we face our never ending change and challenges .


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Get one-one-one mentoring in Workshops, Coaching, Video Webinars and more... Leverage wisdom, knowledge, and insights from seasoned mentors.


Articles, interviews, videos, and more...


“Whatever line of work you’re in creativity is pure professional gold.” — John C. Maxwell, Einstein once said that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” He was right; your ideas are far more important than Read more…


Illumination View VideoAn inspirational video with the hope it will illuminate some of the darkness of mindsets observed out in the world with the current challenges we are facing. Faith and fear are both based on Read more…

Your Dreams

Your dreams are important; their worth is immutable, honor them, value them, express them. Share your dreams with others and ask for their support. Dreams die in isolation, they thrive in collaboration. Working with others Read more…

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